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Guinness plays a newspaper correspondent who is given the undesirable assignment of babysitting two Welsh coal miners who have won a trip to London to see a rugby match. The fun begins when they inadvertantly elude their guide and set off on a series of adventures with a con artist and a harp player. High-spirited farce from England's Ealing Studios. Produced by Michael Balcon.

United Kingdom

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Black and White, 83 minutes DVD 1949

Starring: Donald Houston, Alec Guinness, Meredith Edwards, Moira Lister, Hugh Griffith, Clive Morton, Julie Milton, Peter Edwards, Joyce Grenfell, Leslie Perrins, Dorothy Bramhall, Andrew Leigh, Edward Rigby, Desmond Walter-Ellis, Mackenzie Ward, Meadows White, Gabrielle Brune, Ronnie , Diana Hope, Dudley Jones, David Davies, Tom Jones, Richard Littledale, Charles Cullum, Patric Doonan, Marianne Stone, Henry Webb

Director: Charles Frend

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