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20 great WWII short films and one Korean War short on 3 VHS cassettes - Boxed Set:


  • UNITED NEWS of 1944 - (1945) 8:15 min - United Newsreel reports and documents pivotal events of 1944.

  • PRIVATE SNAFU - SPIES - (1944) 3:31 min - Private Snafu learns that a “slip of the lip” can indeed sink a ship, as he drunkenly tells all to the wrong person.

  • JAPANESE AMERICANS - (1945) 6:50 min - Chronicles the role of the Nisei soldier of the 442nd Infantry Regiment in the Italian campaign.

  • WINGS FOR THIS MAN - (1945) 9:37 min - Tells the story of the black Tuskegee Airmen and follows their training. Narrated by Ronald Reagan.

  • WHO DIED? - (1945) 5:00 min - Typical of the emotional short subjects produced by Uncle Sam to tug heartstrings, stir consciences and prompt contributions to the war effort.

  • V-1! - (1945) 7:33 min - Depicts German use of V-1 rockets, devastating cities and raining death and destruction in final effort to bring the British to their knees.

  • COMBAT AMERICA - (1945) color 62:00 min - Clark Gable narrates and appears in this documentary which chronicles activities of the 351st Bombardment Group, stationed in England.

  • FREEDOM COMES HIGH - (1943) 12:50 min - James Craig and Barbara Britton inspire this story of a husband fighting in the Pacific; while his wife works in a defense plant at home.

  • SO’S YOUR OLD MAN - (1943) 5:40 min - Dramatization shows how age didn’t matter on the home front, that the old man could still volunteer for homeland duty.

  • RING OF STEEL - (1942) 8:40 min - Directed by Garson Kanin. Spencer Tracy narrates this salute to the American soldier with a portrayal of soldiers down through history.

  • WINGS UP - (1943) 21:22 min - Narrated by Captain Clark Gable. Features Robert Preston, Gilbert Roland. Documentary depicts the rigors of training at the Officer’s Candidate School.

  • ARMY/NAVY SCREEN MAGAZINE - (1943/44) 12:55 min - G.I. Journal segment features Kay Kaiser, Lucille Ball, Jerry Colona and Linda Darnell. Follow-the-bouncing ball in a Showtime segment starring the lovely Joy Hodges.

  • PRIVATE SNAFU in THE INFANTRY BLUES - (1943) 4:06 min - Private Snafu contemplates what life might be like in the other branches of the military.

  • BAPTISM OF FIRE - (1943) 35:53 min - 1944 Oscar® Best Documentary nominee. This film was made to show workers in the war industry the brutal realities of Blitzkrieg warfare.


  • IT’S EVERYBODY’S WAR - (1945) 15:05 min - Henry Fonda narrates a reminder to Americans of the need to stay focused on the raging Pacific war and not return to normal life.

  • LAST WILL & TESTAMENT OF TOM SMITH - (1943) 10:35 min - While awaiting execution, a captured American pilot recalls his life at home. Stars George Reeves, Lionel Barrymore, Walter Brennan.

  • THE TRUTH ABOUT TAXES - (1939) 10:46 min - Made before the war, this Republican National Committee-produced short is an indictment of Roosevelt’s “New Deal.”

  • HELLBENT FOR ELECTION - (1944) color 13:02 min - Chuck Jones directed this colorful political cartoon admonishing the public to "get behind the president and stay the course to victory.”

  • TOMORROW TELEVISION - (1944) color 13:02 min - Chuck Jones directed this colorful political cartoon admonishing the public to "get behind the president and stay the course to victory.”

  • OLYMPICS HIGHLIGHTS OF 1936 - (1936) 7:05 min - Newsreel highlights of the 1936 Olympics, aka “The Hitler Games” features American Track star Jesse Owens.

  • HOLLYWOOD VICTORY CARAVAN - (1945) 19:30 min - Splashy, star-studded musical fundraiser features Bing Crosby, Bob Hope, Betty Hutton, Alan Ladd, Barbara Stanwyck, Humphrey Bogart.

Winner of two 'Telly' Awards

"Series Synopsis: THE UNCLE SAM MOVIE COLLECTION offers a unique glimpse into American history and popular culture -- taking audiences on a fascinating journey into our nation's past! Experience the power of motion pictures to persuade, inform, honor and celebrate the contributions and sacrifices made by the men and women of the 20th century who left us the world in which we live. Many of Hollywood's greatest filmmakers contributed their talents to the making of these films. Content in most of these films is surprisingly relevant to today's global events and headlines.

THE UNCLE SAM MOVIE COLLECTION is hosted by Denis Arndt, acclaimed stage, screen and television actor and decorated Vietnam veteran."

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BC, 360 minutes VHS 2003

Starring: Denis Arndt, Clark Gable, Ronald Reagan, Henry Fonda, George Reeves, Lionel Barrymore, Walter Brennan, Jesse Owens, Bing Crosby, Bob Hope, Betty Hutton, Alan Ladd, Barbara Stanwyck, Humphrey Bogart, Spencer Tracy, Clark Gable, Robert Preston, Gilbert Roland, James Craig, Barbara Britto

Director: Garson Kanin, Chuck Jones

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