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In 1937 Chester Gould’s immortal comic-strip crime fighter made it to the big-screen in a Republic Pictures’ 15-chapter serial titled “Dick Tracy” starring Ralph Byrd. This classic serial plus 4 full-length feature films are all here, digitally restored, in this 3-DVD boxed set! Ride with Dick Tracy, Pat Patton, Tess Trueheart, Vitamin Flintheart and Junior as they fight evildoers “The Spider,” “Splitface,” “The Claw,” “Cueball,” and “Gruesome” (played by Boris Karloff!) A full 9 hours of “family-friendly” detective fun!!!

Disc 1

  • Dick Tracy - 15-chapter serial 1937 – Chapters 1-12. Starring Ralph Byrd. A master criminal called “The Spider” puts Dick Tracy’s brother Gordon under a hypnotic spell that turns him against Dick Tracy. (240 min.)

Disc 2

  • Dick Tracy - 15-chapter serial 1937 – Chapters 13-15. The concluding three chapters in this action-packed serial. (50 min.)

  • Dick Tracy, Detective - 1945 Starring Morgan Conway. The first of four RKO Radio Dick Tracy films. Dick is faced with a series of murders in which the victims are all from different social and economic backgrounds. (61 min.)

  • Dick Tracy vs. Cueball -1946 Starring Morgan Conway. Expensive diamonds are stolen but before the thief can fence them, he is strangled by ex-con Cueball. Cueball continues his killing spree on those he believes are trying to swindle him. (62 min.)

Disc 3

  • Dick Tracy’s Dilemma - 1947 Starring Ralph Byrd. This time, Tracy is hot on the trail of a villain named The Claw, known for the steel hook he has in place of a hand. After The Claw kills a man while heisting a shipment of furs, Tracy will stop at nothing to bring him to justice. (60 min.)

    Dick Tracy Meets Gruesome - 1947 Starring Ralph Byrd. Tracy tracks down a clever gang of bank robbers who utilize a special gas that freezes people in their tracks for several minutes. Masterminding the gang is Gruesome, played by Boris Karloff. (65 min.)

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Black and White, 538 minutes DVD 1950s

Starring: Ralph Byrd, Boris Karloff, Carleton Young, Kay Hughes, Fred Hamilton, Lee Van Atta, Smiley Burnette, Kay Hughes, Smiley Burnette, Lee Van Atta, Carleton Young, Francis X. Bushman, Dick Wessel, Lyle Latell, Anne Jeffreys, Rita Corday, Jimmy Crane, Joseph Crehan, Byron Foulger, Ian Kei

Director: Alan James, Ray Taylor, John Rawlins, Gordon Douglas

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