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The Golden Age of TV Comedy lives again with this star-studded collection of TV’s greatest comedians … DIGITALLY RESTORED ON DVD!!! Jack Benny is still 39 … Ozzie, Harriet, David and Ricky are America’s favorite TV family … George plays straight man to Gracie’s antics … Eve Arden is charming as love-starved English teacher Connie Brooks … Red Skelton proves that all the world loves a clown … plus: Danny Thomas shines in MAKE ROOM FOR DADDY, William Bendix lives THE LIFE OF RILEY, Joan Davis is wacky Joan Stevens in I MARRIED JOAN and more!!! This collection of “family-friendly” comedy programming includes 4 complete TV shows on each of the 3 DVDs – 12 shows in all – 5 hours of viewing fun!

Disc 1

  • The Jack Benny Program 01-17-54 w/ Jack Benny and guest, Liberace
  • The Burns and Allen Show“Income Tax Man” w/ George Burns and Gracie Allen
  • The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet 10-17-52 “The Pills” w/ Ozzie and Harriet Nelson
  • The Red Skelton Show 03-04-58 w/ Red Skelton and guests, Reed Hadley and Amanda Blake

Disc 2

  • Our Miss Brooks 05-27-55 “The Big Jump”
  • Topper 07-02-54 “George’s Old Flame”
  • I Married Joan 05-25-53 “Country Club”
  • Love That Bob 12-02-58 Guest, George Burns

Disc 3

  • Make Room For Daddy 09-20-55 “The Little League”
  • Duffy’s Tavern 1954 “Archie’s Singing Contest”
  • Beulah 1950-51 “The Eel”
  • Life With Elizabeth 05-02-54 “Dead Air” - “TV Repair” - “Drive-In”

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Black and White, 326 minutes DVD 1950s

Starring: Jack Benny, Liberace, George Burns, Gracie Allen, Ozzie Nelson, Harriet Nelson, Red Skelton, Reed Hadley, Amanda Blake, Lloyd Bridges, Mary McCarty, Ward Bond, Eve Arden, Richard Denning, Barbara Britton, William Bendix, Reed Hadley

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