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1962 - aka CURSE OF SAN MICHEL. - Sometimes excellent British films went unheralded stateside because of poor distribution. PATTERN FOR PLUNDER is such a case. It's a wonderful intrigue thriller about a quartet of WW2 vets searching for a fortune in lost Nazi loot. Their search takes them to an ancient coastal castle overlooking a beach riddled with quicksand where the cursed 'tidal wave of San Michel' has taken many lives. Elements of mystery and horror add to the proceedings in this terrific 'B' thriller. Released here by Herts-Lion. 35mm.

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Color, 88 minutes DVD 1962

Starring: Keenan Wynn, Mai Zetterling, Ronald Howard

Director: John Ainsworth (I)

Vendor: SSC
Our Price: $19.99
Package: Printed Sleeve, No Picture Available

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