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1935 - Chesterfield - An antique dealer is slain! Lying next to his body is a bloody rapier. There is also a jewel-crusted dagger stabbed through his right hand, pinning it into the hardwood floor. A high-class detective and his wisecracking secretary stumble onto the case and find themselves surrounded by danger from a variety of possible suspects. Together with the police, they go after the killer. Chesterfield, the king of Poverty Row mysteries, made this whodunit; and it's easy to see how they gained their reputation: There's lots of snappy patter; plenty of mysterious clues; and a ton of offbeat murder suspects. Denny is excellent as the Nick Charles-style detective, but Farr (who was on loan-out from 20th Century Fox) nearly steals the show as his witty, smooth-talking secretary. The rest of the cast shines as well. We try to come out with at least one outstanding Poverty Row murder mystery every fall; this one's our pick for this year. Transferred from a beautiful 16mm original print.

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Black and White, 98 minutes DVD 1935

Starring: Reginald Denny, Patricia Farr, Dorothy Revier, Claudia Dell, James Bush, Lew Kelly

Director: Charles Lamont

Vendor: SSC
Our Price: $19.99
Package: Printed Sleeve, No Picture Available

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