LANCELOT LINK SECRET CHIMP HOUR, THE  -  6 VHS / 24 Episode Collection #106845-03


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VHS collection includes the following 24 episodes on 6 DVDs, plus the chimps appear in two musical segments on each disc as the psychedelic "Evolution Revolution":


  • THE DREADED HONG KONG SNEEZE: Lance and Mata try to stop the Dragon Woman's plans to destroy the population with the deadly Hong Kong Sneeze virus.

  • THE GREAT BANK ROBBERY: Lance and Mata battle Baron Butcher and Creto to recover money stolen by CHUMP.

  • THE RELUCTANT ROBOT: Lance and Mata enjoy a day off, unaware Dr. Strangemind is plotting to kill them with a giant robot.

  • THE ROYAL FOIL: Lance and Mata protect a foreign King from the evil clutches of the Baron, Creto and the Duchess.


  • THE GREAT GREAT RACE: Lance steps in to drive the APE Special after CHUMP prevents Parnelli Smith from driving in the big race.

  • THE GREAT PLANE PLOT: Lance and Mata try to prevent the Dragon Woman from kidnapping an important foreign ambassador.

  • THE LONE A.P.E.: Lance and Mata head out west to stop CHUMP's chicken-rustling gang from controlling the fast-food market.

  • MISSILE BEACH PARTY Lance and Mata hang out on the beach in an attempt to steal Dr. Strangmind's secret device for destroying missiles.


  • THE EVOLUTION REVOLUTION: Lance tries to find a traitor secretly passing information to CHUMP.

  • THE GREAT WATER: Lance battles Baron Butcher's evil plan to dry up all the water in the world.

  • THERE'S NO BUSINESS LIKE SNOW BUSINESS (Part 1): Lance and Mata try to stop CHUMP from stealing the Star of Karachi diamond.

  • THERE'S NO BUSINESS LIKE SNOW BUSINESS (Part 2): Lance and Mata travel undercover to the Big Mountain Ski Resort on the trail of the fabulous diamond stolen by CHUMP.


  • BONANA: Lance and Mata travel west to stop CHUMP and the Wild Bonana Bunch's attempts to steal secret missile plans.

  • THE GREATEST CHASE IN THE WORLD: Lance and Mata try to rescue a famous writer kidnapped by CHUMP to keep him from accepting the Nobel Prize.

  • CHUMP CODE CAPER: Lance tries to recover the APE Secret Code Book stolen by Creto.

  • WEATHER OR NOT: Lance and Mata battle Baron Von Butcher and Dr. Strangemind for CHUMP's Weather Control Machine.


  • LANCE OF ARABIA: Lance and Mata rush to save APE's archaeologist, captured while trying to steal CHUMP's gold supply.

  • THE DOCTOR GOES A.P.E.: Lance and Mata go after the CHUMP photo file so APE can identify every enemy agent.

  • THE SURFIN' SPY: Lance goes undercover as a lifeguard and tries to stop CHUMP's silver-smuggling operation.

  • THE MISSING LINK: Lance and Mata try to find Lance's missing uncle, a famous doctor with valuable information for APE.


  • THE GOLDEN SWWWORD: Lance guards Prince Kali and the Sword of Power from Baron Von Butcher and Ali Assa Seen.

  • THE CHILLING CHUMP CHASE: Lance and Mata try to recover secret government super-power pills.

  • LANDLUBBER LANCE: Lance and Mata have to save Chief Darwin who has been kidnapped by Baron Von Butcher and the Dragon Woman.

  • THE TEMPORARY THANKSGIVING TURKEY TRUCE: Thanksgiving means danger after Mata accidently buys a special three-legged turkey filled with secret information for CHUMP./ul>

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    Color, 300 minutes VHS

    Starring: Dayton Allen, Joan Gerber, Steve Hoffman, Bernie Kopell, Malachi Throne

    Director: Pat Shields

    Vendor: NFV
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    Medium: Television
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