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1951 - Another rarity surfaces! (try finding this in a reference book) This forgotten fantasy thriller is set in Tokyo. An American woman is looking for the dastardly opium runner responsible for the death of her brother. She becomes surrounded by an assortment of furtive characters, including a tall, smooth-talking Brit, who seems hell bent on helping her but actually has ulterior motives of his own. What follows is a web of intrigue laced with a sinister oriental flavor. Adding a wonderful twist to the story is a weird supernatural being who oversees the lives of all involved, and is only visible to those he has marked for death! Watch for a wicked impaling scene near the end of the film. A few splicey spots, but overall not bad. Recommended. From 16mm.

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Black and White, VHS 1951

Starring: Byron Michie, Martha HyerTetsu Nakamura, Henry Okawa

Director: George P. Breakston, C. Ray Stahl

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