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1930 - Three of the top B western stars of the time are featured in this incredibly rare and very bizarre western thriller that's definitely in the "forgotten horrors" vein. Custer, Cody, and Chandler play a trio of cowboy do-gooders who are out of thwart London's efforts to defraud an orphan girl of her money. Featured is an ape-like, mute giant who sadistically beats up Bill Cody and keeps him hostage for most of the movie. The creature's scenes are shot with a "horrific" lighting style to add to his menace. Beautifully photographed at a real ranch with numerous shots of real wild horse herds. Better than usual production values for an early talkie. Recommended. From a 16mm original.

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Black and White, 57 minutes VHS 1930

Starring: Bob Custer, Bill Cody, Lane Chandler, Natalie Kingston, Tom London

Director: J. P. McGowan

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