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John Denver is one of the best known musicians of modern times, and the songs he sings are among the best-loved melodies of all time. From Sunshine On My Shoulders to Calypso to Annie’s Song, John’s songs evoke images of the simplicity of nature and the complexity of human emotions, yet they also display a concern for a wide range of environmental and political issues. In this portrait, John Denver takes the viewer on a tour of songs that have spanned his entire career: from the inspiration of Rocky Mountain High to the political concerns of Let Us Begin (“What Are We Making Weapons For”). He shares the stories behind the songs, offering personal glimpses into both his craft and his private life. Also featured are segments from John’s enormously popular TV specials and his reflections on his action career. Truly, this collection is one that both long-time fans and lovers of America’s most beloved music can treasure. Includes the hits:

  • Annie’s Song
  • Sunshine On My Shoulders
  • Rocky Mountain High
  • Leaving On A Jet Plane
  • Calypso
  • and more...

    Color, 60 minutes VHS 1994

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