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A poor young boy who helps out around the racetrack convinces some folks around the stables that his old work horse has a chance at beating the favored thouroughbred in a race. A very well acted story with a clever script.

"Series Synopsis: 26 Men is a solid Western series, based on historical fact, about the Arizona Rangers formed in 1901. Russell Hayden produced the series. Many people are of the strong opinion that '26 Men' had "the best theme song of all the westerns." Originally aired in 1957.
26 Men enforced law in the Arizona territory. . .
26 Men lived to ride and ride again, to answer the call of duty. . .
26 Men lived to fight for justice, the rights and the liberty of all."

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Black and White, 72 minutes DVDR 1944

Starring: Carl 'Alfalfa' Switzer, Stuart Erwin, Robert 'Buzz' Henry, Edythe Elliott, Pierre Watkin, Gwen Kenyon, Bob Meredith, William Halligan, Lane Chandler, Marion Martin, Ed Cassidy, Eddie Rocco, Charles King, Leon Tyler, Mauritz Hugo

Director: Wallace Fox

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Medium: Feature Film
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