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A wealthy man charmed by dancer takes a job as a bouncer in the bar where she works and gets involved with underworld intrigue.


"Series Synopsis: David Janssen plays former New York City cop-turned-private eye, Richard Diamond. Diamond has turned in his badge and uses his background in police work to solve tough cases. He relies on an anonymous woman named Sam to dispatch his messages from an answering service. Sam is an uncredited actress, always shown only from the waist down, who had incredible legs. Our information scavengers have discovered that Sam was played by two actresses. Mary Tyler Moore (1959) and Roxanne Brooks (1959-1960). First aired July 1, 1957 to September 6, 1960."

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Black and White, 58 minutes DVDR 1916

Starring: Douglas Fairbanks Sr., Bessie Love, Joseph Singleton, W. A. Lowrey, Wilbur Higby, Frank Bennett, Lillian Langdon

Director: Christy Cabanne

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Medium: Silent
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