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Original air date 12/10/66. Host: Jimmy Durante sings One of Those Things while, as usual, he's surrounded by beautiful dancers. Other musical numbers include Can I Get to Know You Better by The Turtles, Come Back to Me by Peter Lawford and To Be in Love by singer-dancer Elaine Dunn. Jimmy Durante also sings A One Room Home, and joins Mrs. Miller in performing his familiar Inka-Dinka-Doo. Comedian George Carlin has fun spoofing radio DJs, and George Carl performs a comic dance routine.

"Series Synopsis: The Hollywood Palace, an hour-long variety show videotaped at the El Capitan Theater in Los Angeles (later renamed The Hollywood Palace), features major stars and singers both as hosts and performers. The show first aired January 4, 1964 to February 7, 1970."

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Black and White, 60 minutes DVDR 1966

Starring: Jimmy Durante, George Carlin, Peter Lawford, The Turtles, Elaine Dunn, George Carr, Elaine Dunn

Director: Grey Lockwood

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Medium: Television
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