DEPUTY, THE - VOLUME  1 #103029-R2


Item #: 103029-R2




This volume contains two episodes:

  • The Hard Decision Guest starring Marc Lawrence, Olan Soule. Murderer Jimmie Burke awaits execution in the Silver City jail, but his older brother Alvy is busy elsewhere, taking Marshal Fry as a hostage.

  • The Return of Widow Brown Guest starring Norma Crane, Richard Shannon. Amelia Brown's outlaw husband hid his loot before being lynched, and the townspeople believe she knows where it's hidden. Clay has a hunch she is innocent and tries to find the money to clear her name.

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Black and White, 50 minutes DVDR 1959

Starring: Henry Fonda, Allen Case, Marc Lawrence, Olan Soule, Norma Crane, Richard Shannon

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