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This volume contains two episodes:

  • GRUBSTAKE BANK Guest starring Raymond Hatton, Slim Pickens. Everyone in Diablo is happy when an old prospector finally strikes gold and plans to open a bank for other prospectors. Annie is suspicious when a stranger arrives and pays undue attention to the old man.

  • DESPERATE MEN (1956) Directed by George Archainbaud. Guest starring Hank Patterson, Nancy Hale. Annie and Lofty pursue a man wanted for the murder of a sheriff, while Tagg plays matchmaker for a beautiful but shy schoolteacher.

"Series Synopsis: ANNIE OAKLEY - Annie is a cute and sassy 5 foot 2 inch, rifle-toting young lady with plenty of charm. Her mission in life is to protect her ranch, her little brother and herself with great ferocity using her sharp-shooting skills. The local sheriff is smitten, which leads to multiple marriage proposals.

Gail Davis plays Annie Oakley in the first western series to star a woman. In real life Gail could handle a horse as well as a rifle, making her the perfect choice for the part of Annie. She had to fight for a screen test for which she showed up in character with braided hair and painted freckles. Overlooked by Gene Autry and the other producers (even though they’d worked with her many times before), when they saw her screen test, the part was hers. Gene Autry produced this show on his famous Melody Ranch in Newhall, California. Gail appeared in dozens of Gene Autry films and TV shows over the years. The series contains 81 episodes broadcast from January 5, 1954 to 1957."

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Black and White, 50 minutes DVDR 1956

Starring: Gail Davis, Brad Johnson, Jimmy Hawkins, Raymond Hatton, Slim Pickens, Hank Patterson, Nancy Hale

Director: George Archainbaud, Frank McDonald

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