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After he is banished from Heaven, Satan must tempt mankind to sin in order to earn his way back. For each success, his time on Earth is decreased by 100 years; for each failure, it's increased by 1,000 years. The story is told through Satan's efforts in different eras beginning from the time of Jesus and including the Spanish Inquisition, the French Revolution and the Russo-Finnish War or 1918. Based on the novel Satans Sorger by Marie Corelli and directed by Carl Dreyer, the great Danish director.

Denmark:aka Blade af Satans Bog:Based on the novel Satans Sorger by Marie Corelli.

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Black and White, 146 minutes DVDR 1920

Starring: Helge Nissen, Hugo Bruun, Nalle Halden, Erling Hansson, Hallander Helleman, Halvard Hoff, Wilhelm Jensen, Tenna Kraft, Johannes Meyer, Elith Pio, Clara Pontoppidan, Ebon Strandin, Jacob Texiere, Emma Wiehe, Viggo Wiehe, Carlo Wieth

Director: Carl Dreyer

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