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A Bolshevik-held munitiions plant in Kiev is beseiged by Czarist White Russians during WWI. The woefully outnumbered Bolsheviks are portrayed as national heroes. A silent propaganda masterpiece based on an actual event. English titles.


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Black and White, 70 minutes DVDR 1929

Starring: Semyon Svashenko, Luciano Albertini, Amvrosi Buchma, G. Khorkov, N. Kuchinsky, Pyotr Masokha, F. Merlatti, M. Mikhajlovsky, Nikolai Nademsky, Sergei Petrov, T. Wagner, Dmitri Yerdman, A. Yevdakov, B. Zagorsky

Director: Alexander Dovzhenko

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Medium: Silent
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