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Gruesome footage of actual accidents, excessively dramatic narration and poorly acted recreations were used in countless educational films designed to make sure viewers kept their hands on the wheel, their eyes on the road and stayed sober. This tape contains three prime examples of these "shock-umentaries":

  • Signal 30 (1959, 26 mins.)
  • Wheels of Tragedy (1960, 27 mins.)
  • Alcohol and Red Flares (1972, 21 mins.) which features a memorably swinging party to kick things off.

For the truly ghoulish collector, there are also grisly photos from the fatal accident scenes of TV comedy great Ernie Kovacs and sexy starlet Jayne Mansfield, plus an ironic TV interview where James Dean warns young viewers about the dangers of driving fast...13 days before his own death on the highway.

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Color, 86 minutes VHS

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