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Classic stories for children from The Brothers Grimm and Mother Goose brought to life by master stop-action animator Ray Harryhausen . Five classic fairytales appear in this animated film. All in color circa 1946-1955.

  • Hansel and Gretel - A brother and sister lost in the woods must thwart an evil witch's plan to eat them. This frightening story from the Brothers Grimm shows the brother and sister using team work, calm thinking and love to overcome trials in life.

  • Rapunzel - A handsome prince attempts to rescue a beautiful girl who was raised by an evil sorceress in an isolated tower with no stairway and no doors. Climbing the girl's lovely, long hair is the only way to enter the tower. The word 'rapunzel' is translated from the original German language as 'field salad, corn salad, or lamb's lettuce.'

  • Little Red Riding Hood - A young girl has trouble with a big, bad wolf while taking cake and wine to her grandmother. The Brothers Grimm originally called this story 'Little Red Cap'.

  • The Story of King Midas - A king lusts after gold, so is granted a magical touch which turns anything he touches to gold. Sadly for the king, this includes his food and his beloved daughter. Attributed to Mother Goose.

  • Little Miss Muffet Based on a nursery rhyme, again from Mother Goose, about a girl whose meal of "curds and whey" is interrupted when a "spider sits down beside her."

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Color, DVDR 1946-1955

Director: Ray Harryhausen

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Medium: Shorts:Animation
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