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Two shows looking at crime from the prosecutor and the police point of view.

  • Public Prosecutor (1948) - Directed by Lew Landers - Starring: John Howard, Anne Gwynne, and Walter Sande - Co-starring: Dan Seymour, Frank McFarland, DeForest Kelly (his TV debut) - John Howard hosts The Case of the Man Who Wasn't There - A blackmailing con man with a crystal ball always has an air-tight alibi each time a crime is commited. Invited guests, many of whom were detective-fiction writers, compete in this quiz show to determine the identity of the culprit in each week's mystery.

  • Police Call (1955) - With King Donovan - An episode of this mid-'50s police drama that is derived from actual law enforcement cases.

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Black and White, 55 minutes DVDR 1947

Starring: John Howard, King Donovan, Anne Gwynne, Walter Sande, Dan Seymour, Frank McFarland, DeForest Kelly

Director: Lew Landers

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