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An heroic black stallion rescues his mistress from an evil outlaw and forwards her romance with the outlaw's reformed companion. Many animal actors assist Rex the Wonder horse in thwarting Oliver Hardy's villainous intent. This film predates the the MPAA, so contains quite a bit of sexual tension and some nudity, but less than called for in the original script--which was fairly explicit. Still pretty racy! Hal Roach's fourth film starring Rex, the Wonder Horse. First released May 1, 1927.

NOTE:  This rare film was transferred to tape from the only print we know to be in existence.  There are shifts in contrast, some of the title cards are not centered on the screen, there is print damage, etc.  It is watchable, but is by no means pristine.  Oliver hardy is a great villain and the horses are wonderful!  We watched this one at the manufacturer's suggestion out of concern for the print quality.  The movie was so good we did not find the quality issues overly distracting.  We are pleased to make what exists available to our customers with this disclaimer. 

Produced by Hal Roach:aka The Avenging Stallion:aka No Man's Land

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Black and White, 70 minutes DVDR 1927

Starring: Oliver Hardy, Barbara Kent, James Finlayson, Theodore von Eltz, Rex, Lady, Marquis, Bob Custer, Adalyn Mayer, Ralph McCullough, Bruce Gordon, Ethan Laidlaw, Wear and Tear

Director: Fred Jackman, F. Richard Jones

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Medium: Silent
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