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Two shows about immigrant families and their assimilation into the American way of life in the 1950's

  • The Goldbergs aka "Molly" - Molly Berg stars in this middle class Jewish family comedy set in the Bronx with teenage girls. A ground-breaking ethnic comedy that won a number of Emmy Awards. The show aired from January 10, 1949 to October 19, 1954.

  • Mama was one of the best-loved early family shows. Each week the show begins with one of the daughters thumbing through old photographs, then goes back to the time when… The Norwegian immigant family of recalls experiences of their life in America... At the end of each show, they sit around a pot of the sponsor's coffee discussing the lesson learned. Most show are live--only a few rare episodes made it to tape. Based on the play, "I Remember Mama" by John Van Druhen and the 1948 film, "I Remember Mama," which were both based on the autobiographical book, "Mama's Bank Account," by Kathryn Forbes. Aired from July 1, 1949 to July 27, 1956.

Molly aka The Goldbergs:"Mama" based on the play by John Van Druhen and the autobiographical book by Kathryn Forbes.

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Black and White, 52 minutes DVDR 1949-1956

Starring: Gertrude Berg, Peggy Wood, Dick Van Patten

Director: Walter Hart

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