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Two episodes, one from each season:

  • Untitled (1952) Series Stars: J. Carrol Naish, Alan Reed, Jody Gilbert, Mary Shipp, Kent Peters, Joe Forte, Sig Ruman - Guest stars: Porter Hal, Hall March, Ben Weldon - Pasquale interferes with Luigi's bid for US citizenship in hopes of getting him to mary Rosa.

  • Untitled - (1953) - Series Stars:Vito Scotti, Thomas Gomez, Murtel Landers, Mary Shipp, Sig Ruman, Ken Peters, Joe Forte - Guest stars: Frank Cady, Herb Vigran - Luigi really wants a new suit for a party while Rosa wants a new dress. As in "Gift of the Magi," each makes sacrifices to fulfill the other's wishes.

Series Synopsis: Luigi is fresh off the boat from Italy. As he acclimates to American life he spends most of his time in his antique shop, or his friend Pasquale's restaurant. He often takes things too literally, but his genuine warmth always wins everyone over. The show was a big hit (September 22, 1952 to December 29, 1952) with everyone except Italian immigrants who let their displeasure be known to the network CBS and the sponsors. This caused the show to be cancelled. When the ratings came in, and the network saw how popular the show was, they made a few cast changes and aired it again from April 9, 1953 to June 4, 1953. Again the Italian community complained in numbers large enough to get the show cancelled a second time.

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"Series Synopsis: LIFE WITH ELIZABETH (1953-1955) was Betty White's first starring role. Del Moore, Jack Narz appeared as regulars. Each program is divided into three seperate episodes dealing with the life of the married couple. Betty's good looks and soft demeanor inspired TV Guide to call her a candidate to be America's Sweetheart."

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Black and White, 52 minutes DVDR 1952, 1953

Starring: J. Carrol Naish, Vito Scotti, Alan Reed, Jody Gilbert, Mary Shipp, Kent Peters, Joe Forte, Sig Ruman, Porter Hall, Hal March, Ben Weldon, Thomas Gomez, Murtel Landers, Ken Peters, Joe Forte, Frank Cady, Herb Vigran

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