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This unsold pilot for a TV series features Robert Middleton as gourmand detective, Brad Runyan, who specializes in criminal cases nobody else will take.

  • The Thirty-Two Friends of Gina Lardelli - 32 friends of a murdered latin woman who associates with gangsters pitch in to pay "The Fat Man" to find her killer.

"A 'pilot' is a film made by a producer who wants to pitch the idea for a TV series to the networks. If the network likes the pilot, or if they air the pilot and it gets good response, the producer gets a deal to make more episodes based on the pilot... usually 13 or 26, which will then be aired. If those do well in the ratings the network will request more episodes for a series. Many pilots get made every year, some make it to the air - most don't. We have included first episodes of series in this category, even though they're technically not pilots."

"Great content - Generic packaging click here for more info"

Black and White, 59 minutes DVDR 1967

Starring: Robert Middleton, Rita Moreno, Tony Travis, Frank Gerstle, Jan Arvin, Leslie Bradley, Argentina Bronetti, Herb Armstrong, John Bryant, Patrick Sexton

Director: Joseph H. Lewis

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Medium: Television
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