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Nine silent Alice cartoons by Walt Disney filmed between 1925 and 1927, animated with a live Alice:

  • Alice Chops the Suey (1925) - Chinese gansters kidnap Alice, taking her to Chinatown where her cat rescues her only to be chased by the angry gangsters.

  • Alice in the Jungle (1925) - Starring Virginia Davis as Alice.

  • Alice Rattled by Rats (1925 - 7:30 Minutes) - Alice leaves her home in charge of her cat as housesitter, but the rats want to keep the cat out of their way, especially after they discover Alice's home-brew.

  • Alice the Jailbird (1925)

  • Alice the Toreador (1925 - 7:45 Minutes)

  • Alice's Egg Plant (1925 - 11:45 Minutes) - Alice and her cat operate an egg factory with lots of lazy hens, which the cat keeps in line. The plot thickens when Little Red Henski, a chicken from Moscow, Russia and a labor agitator arrives. The hens strike right when Alice needs to fill an urgent egg order.

  • Alice's Ornery Orphan (1925 - 6:46 Minutes) - A rather dark entry in the Alice series in which she adopts a female cat.

  • Alice's Tin Pony (1925 - 7:03 Minutes)

  • Alice Solves the Puzzle (1927 - 7:03 Minutes) - Alice and her cat are at the beach as she works on a crossword puzzle. A ruthless collector of rare crossword puzzles wants the one she's working on for his collection.

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Black and White, 70 minutes DVDR 1925-1927 and 1138

Starring: Virginia Davis,

Director: Walt Disney

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