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Episodes from two early, fact-based police dramas:

  • Gangbusters (1952) - GANGBUSTERS, a popular radio show for 21 years, retained its popularity when it became a television series which aired from March 20, 1952 to December 25, 1952. The stories are based on actual police and FBI case files. At one point it commanded a 42 share in the TV ratings, which translates to "Almost every possible viewer was watching GANGBUSTERS." The other networks actually gave up trying to program against it and aired political talk shows and public service announcements since they knew that nobody would watch them anyway if GANGBUSTERS was on the other channel. Each week the show ended with photographs of a wanted criminals. Hundreds of fugitives were apprehended because local citzens would recognize the crooks and call their local law men. At the end of each episode, Jack Webb would appear to pitch his next DRAGNET, which alternated weeks with GANGBUSTERS. GANGBUSTERS has the dubious honor of being the highest rated show ever to be cancelled. It was not intended to be such a success, it was just meant as a stop gap to fill in on the weeks that Jack Webb couldn't get a DRAGNET made. When Jack and crew finally got up to speed and could produce a show per week, DRAGNET, which was even more popular, aired weekly and GANGBUSTERS became a memory.

  • Treasury Men In Action - (1950) - Starring Walter Greaza - Each weekly episode features an actual police or federal case with Walter Greaza playing the head of that department. They chase assorted scoundrels like smugglers, gunrunners, counterfieters and tax evaders. (They really liked tax evaders). The moral messege was clear: The governmet is always right and they always get their man. Many of the agencies represented gave official kudos to the show, with some of the high-ranking bureaucratic crime fighters appearing from time to time in the episodes.

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Black and White, 52 minutes DVDR 1950-1952

Starring: Walter Greaza, Nancy Gates

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