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Six short, silent animated films by artist/cartoonist Winsor Z. McCay, America's first great cartoon animator:

  • Gertie the Dinosaur (1914)
    Artist Winsor Z. McCay makes a bet with other artists that he can draw a dinosaur. Gertie, a big, friendly herbivore is the result. McCay enters the drawing and interacts with Gertie.

  • Dream (1922)

  • Bug Vaudeville (1921)

  • Little Nemo (1911)
    Winsor McCay’s cartoon figures announce in text that they will move–and they do.

  • Pet (1913)

  • Sinking of the Lusitania (1919)
    Winsor McCay recreates the great ocean-liner tragedy in painstakingly realistic, graphic detail with a fluidity of motion very advanced for their time. The first film to use cel animation.

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Black and White, DVDR 1911-1922

Director: Winsor McCay

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