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ADVENTURES OF CHAMPION - Series stars: Barry Curtis, Jim Bannon, Francis McDonald, Ewing Mitchell. Twelve year old Ricky North can't stay out of trouble. Thank goodness Champion the Wonder Horse and Rebel the German shepard are always close by to perform wondrous, heoric tricks to save Ricky's hyde. Gene Autry produced this series about his horse which originally aired 1955-1956.

STEVE CANYON - Series stars: Dean Fredericks, Ted de Corsia, Jerry Paris, Abel Fernández, Ingrid Goude
Steve Canyon is a command pilot and troubleshooter for the Air Force who travels from base to base all over the world. Lots of location footage from the actual bases was used with the blessings of the U.S. Air Force, who saw the series as a great recruiting aid. The popular comic strip from the pen of writer Milton Caniff had been a popular comic strip for eleven years by the time the series went on the air in 1958. Co-stars Jerry Paris who went on to become a successful television and feature film director.

Milton Caniff

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Black and White, DVDR 1955-1956, 1958

Starring: Barry Curtis, Champion, Rebel, Jim Bannon, Francis McDonald, Ewing Mitchell, Jim Bannon, Dean Fredericks, Ted de Corsia, Jerry Paris, Abel Fernáández, Ingrid Goude

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