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A gang wants to destroy the almost built California-Yucatan Railroad which will be a major financial boost for Mexico and make the owners rich. One of the aging owners calls his nephew for help who shows up and promptly starts playing golf. Some help he is... but Zorro shows up about the same time to battle the gang who has airplanes and machine guns. 12 chapters.

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Black and White, 212 minutes DVDR 1937

Starring: John Carroll, Helen Christian, Reed Howes, Duncan Renaldo, Noah Beery Sr., Richard Alexander, Nigel De Brulier, Bob Kortman, Jack Ingram, Roger Williams, Edmund Cobb, Mona Rico, Tom London, Harry Strang, Jerry Frank, Brooks Benedict, Forrest Burns, Lane Chandler, Frank Ellis, Art Felix,

Director: John English, William Witney

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