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Episodes 5 - 8. The Kids go after a gang of foreign agents known as the "Sea Raiders" who plan to stage a new type of torpedo boat to sink Allied shipping.

East Side Kids

This film features the ensemble cast (usually fronted by Leo Gorcey and Huntz Hall) which began as The Dead End Kids then emerged asThe Little Tough Guys before becoming The East Side Kids and eventually evolving into the Bowery Boys. The collection contains films from several of these periods.

"Due to customer demand, Hollywood Select offers its full catalog on DVD-R in a market test. This title is part of that program. This is basically the VHS version of the title in DVD format. It will be delivered in a plain case with title information on the disc . . . no frills! Titles that sell substantially eventually will be offered in a chaptered version. This test DVD-R is offered without chaptered authoring. DVD-R discs are compatible in most newer DVD players and DVD-capable computers."

Black and White, 86 minutes DVD-R 1941

Starring: Billy Halop, Huntz Hall, Gabriel Dell, Bernard Punsly, Reed Hadley, William Hall, Mary Field, John McGuire, Marcia Ralston, Hal E. Chester, Stanley Blystone, Richard Alexander, Ernie Adams, Edward Keane, Morgan Wallace, Jack Clifford, Forrest Taylor, Eddie Dunn, James Blaine, Richard B

Director: Ford Beebe, John Rawlins

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