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A police detective investigating the death of a prostitute uncovers a world of decadence and devil worship.

aka Hooker Cult Murders

"Due to customer demand, Hollywood Select offers its full catalog on DVD-R in a market test. This title is part of that program. This is basically the VHS version of the title in DVD format. It will be delivered in a plain case with title information on the disc . . . no frills! Titles that sell substantially eventually will be offered in a chaptered version. This test DVD-R is offered without chaptered authoring. DVD-R discs are compatible in most newer DVD players and DVD-capable computers."

Color, 101 minutes DVD-R 1973

Starring: Karen Black, Christopher Plummer, Donald Pilon, Jean-Louis Roux, Yvette Brind'amour, Jacques Godin, Lee Broker, Terry Haig, Robin Gammell, Louise Rinfret, Jean Dubost, Jean-Guy Dubuc, Henry Gamer, Pierre Jolicoeur, Wally Martin, Francine Morand, Théérèèse Morange, Jean-Louis Paris, Ge

Director: Harvey Hart

Vendor: HSV
Vendor #: HSV4660
Medium: Feature Film
Our Price: $14.99
Package: Printed Sleeve, No Picture Available

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