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Fred and Doc pose as a two-man medicine show as they investigate a cattleman sheep man war. A man is shot and Fred blamed. With Fred in jail and a lynch mob on the way, Doc tries to break his friend out so they can clear up the mess.

"Due to customer demand, Hollywood Select offers its full catalog on DVD-R in a market test. This title is part of that program. This is basically the VHS version of the title in DVD format. It will be delivered in a plain case with title information on the disc . . . no frills! Titles that sell substantially eventually will be offered in a chaptered version. This test DVD-R is offered without chaptered authoring. DVD-R discs are compatible in most newer DVD players and DVD-capable computers."

Black and White, 60 minutes DVD-R 1939

Starring: Fred Scott, Jean Carmen, Harry Harvey, John Merton, Walter McGrail, Wheeler Oakman, Frank La Rue, Allan Cavan, Jane Keckley, Ted Adams, Richard Cramer, Gene Howard, James 'Buddy' Kelly, Cactus Mack, Carl Mathews, J. P. McGowan

Director: Bernard B. Ray

Vendor: HSV
Vendor #: HSV4635
Medium: Feature Film
Our Price: $14.99
Package: Printed Sleeve, No Picture Available

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