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The moving story of a young girl who comes to live with her grandfather on a lonely mountain. Based on the novel by Johanna Spyri.

Johanna Spyri

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Black and White, 98 minutes DVDR 1953

Starring: Elsbeth Sigmund, Thomas Klameth, Isa Güünther, Heinrich Gretler, Willy Birgel, Theo Lingen, Carl Wery, Margrit Rainer, Walburga Gmüür, Fred Tanner, Elsie Attenhofer, Max Haufler, Herr Cajöörl, Traute Carlsen, Anita Mey, Friedrich Braun, Armin Schweizer, Axel Kubitsky, Lore Reutemann

Director: Luigi Comencini

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Medium: Feature Film
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