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Daniel Boone leads settler families to Kentucky where they face two threats: Indian raiders and the schemes of Marlowe to seize title to the new lands.

"This title is was formerly acquired from a manufacturer that has changed from SP (Standard Speed) to EP (Extended Play). We are working to make sure all titles are available in printed sleeves at Standard Speed, but some titles may have to be backordered during the transition. We can obtain the title immediately from other manufacturers at Standard Speed, but there is no guarantee it will come in a custom printed sleeve. If you wish to order this title, please let us know whether you wish the title ONLY if the custom printed sleeve is available, whether backorder is acceptable or whether you are not concerned with the packaging and just wish to get the video ASAP. You may e-mail us with questions at info@lifeisamovie.com. "

Black and White, 76 minutes VHS 1936

Starring: George O'Brien, Heather Angel, John Carradine, Ralph Forbes, George Regas, Dickie Jones, Clarence Muse, Huntley Gordon, Harry Cording, Aggie Herring, Crauford Kent, Keith Hitchcock, Tom Ricketts, Baron James Lichter

Director: David Howard

Vendor: HSV
Vendor #: HSV7379
Medium: Feature Film
Our Price: $9.99
Package: Printed Sleeve

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