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   Lena Horne
   Lena HorneHeritage
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   Monte Hawley
   Nat King Cole
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   Charlie Chase
   Don Rickles
   East Side Kids
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   Edgar Bergen
   George Carlin
   George Gobel
   Harold Lloyd
   Imogene Coca
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   Jackie Mason
   Jimmy Durante
   Joe E. Brown
   Keystone Kops
   Laurel and Hardy
   Lucille Ball
   Lum and Abner
   Marcel Marceau
   Martin and Lewis
   Marx Brothers
   Mel Brooks
   Mickey Rooney
   Milton Berle
   Olsen and Johnson
   Paul Lynde
   Phil Silvers
   Phyllis Diller
   Red Buttons
   Red Skelton
   Screwball Comedy
   Sid Caesar
   Spike Jones
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   Three Stooges
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   W. C. Fields
   Wheeler and Woolsey
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   Agatha Christie
   Alexander Pushkin
   Alexandre Chatrian
   Alexandre Dumas
   Alexandre Dumas Père
   Alfred Lord Tennyson
   Anna Sewall
   Anne Bradstreet
   Archibald MacLeish
   Armand Edmonde
   Arthur Schwartz
   Baroness Emmuska Orczy
   Ben Ames Williams
   Ben Hecht
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   Brett Harte
   Brothers Grimm
   Carl Sanburg
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   Charles Dickens
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   Charles W. Chesnutt
   Charlotte Bronte
   Christina Rossetti
   Clyde Fitch
   Daphne du Maurier
   Dorothy Uhnak
   Dylan Thomas
   E. Temple Thurston
   E. W. Hornung
   Earl Derr Biggers
   Edgar Allan Poe
   Edgar Rice Burroughs
   Edgar Wallace
   Edna St. Vincent Millay
   Eleanor H. Porter
   Erich von Daniken
   Ernest Hemingway
   Ethel Lina White
   Eugene O'Neill
   F. Scott Fitzgerald
   Florence Tranter
   Frances Hodgson Burnett
   Frank Gruber
   Frank Norris
   Gail Sheehy
   Gaston Leroux
   Gene Stratton-Porter
   George Bernard Shaw
   George Bizet
   George McManus
   Giovanni Boccacio
   Gordon Sherry
   Graham Greene
   Grimm Brothers
   H. G. Wells
   H. Rider Haggard
   Hal Forrest
   Hans Christian Anderson
   Harold Bell Wright
   Harold Bratt
   Harriet Beecher Stowe
   Henri Bataille
   Henri Murger
   Henry James
   Herman Wouk
   Ian Fleming
   Irving Berlin
   J. Jefferson Farjeon
   Jack London
   Jacques Deval
   James Baldwin
   James Clavell
   James Fenimore Cooper
   James Gerard
   James Helvick
   James M. Cain
   James Oliver Curwood
   Jerome K. Jerome
   Johanna Spyri
   John D. Carr
   John Van Druhen
   John William Fox
   Johnston McCulley
   Jonathan Swift
   Katherine Anne Porter
   Kathryn Forbes
   Kay Boyle
   Kurt Vonnegut Jr.
   L. Frank Baum
   Leonard Reginald Gribble
   Lewis Carroll
   Louisa May Alcott
   Ludwig Bemelman
   Marie Corelli
   Mark Harris
   Mark Twain
   Mary Norton
   Mary Roberts Rinehart
   Maxwell Anderson
   Mickey Spillane
   Monckton Hoffe
   Mother Goose
   Nan Chauncy
   Nathaniel Hawthorne
   Neil Burgess
   Nicolai Gogol
   Noel Coward
   North Bigbee
   O. Henry
   Owen Johnson
   Paul de Kruif
   Peter B. Kyne
   Phillip Barry
   Prosper Mérimée
   Richard Connell
   Richard Harding Davis
   Richard Wright
   Robert Browning
   Robert Louis Stevenson
   Ronald Sukenick
   Rudyard Kipling
   Sean O'Casey
   Short Story
   Sidney Howard
   Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
   Sir Conan Arthur Doyle
   Sir Walter Scott
   Sonny Carson
   Stirling Silliphant
   Storer Clouston
   Thomas Hughes
   Thornton Wilder
   Victor Hugo
   Vincente Blasco-Ibanez
   W. Riley
   W. Somerset Maugham
   Walter Van Tilburg Clark
   William F. Cody
   William Makepeace Thakeray
   William Saroyan
   William Shakespeare
   William Smith
   Wilson Collison
   Winifred Holtby
   Zane Grey
   Zenna Henderson
   Abbe Lane
   Arturo Toscanini
   Benny Goodman
   Bessie Smith
   Billie Holiday
   Bing Crosby
   Bobby Breen
   Buddy Greco
   Burl Ives
   Cab Calloway
   Caterina Valente
   Connie Stevens
   Count Basie
   Dale Evans
   Diahann Carroll
   Diana Ross
   Don Ho
   Donald O'Connor
   Dorothy Dandridge
   Duke Ellington
   Eartha Kitt
   Edie Adams
   Ella Fitzgerald
   Ethel Merman
   Eydie Gorme
   Florence Henderson
   Frank Sinatra
   Fred Astaire
   Gene Krupa
   Glen Campbell
   Glenn Miller
   Grateful Dead
   Herb Alpert
   Herb Jeffries
   Jack Jones
   Janis Joplin
   Jimmy Durante
   John Denver
   Judy Garland
   Kate Smith
   Lawrence Welk
   Lena Horne
   Lennon Sisters
   Liza Minelli
   Liza Minnelli
   Louis Armstrong
   Louis Jordan
   Lovin' Spoonful
   Mantan Morela
   Mantan Moreland
   Mario Lanza
   Mary Costa
   Mary Martin
   Mel Torme
   Mormon Tabernacle Choir
   Nanette Fabray
   Nat King Cole
   Noel Coward
   Peggy Lee
   Perry Como
   Petula Clark
   Rosemary Clooney
   Roy Rogers
   Sammy Davis Jr.
   Sarah Vaughan
   Stephen Foster
   Stepin Fetchit
   Steve Lawrence
   Tijuana Brass
   Tony Bennett
   Vic Damone
   Vicki Carr
   Victor Borge
   Wayne Newton
Music Bobby Breen
   Alfred Hitchcock
   Charlie Chan
   Dick Tracy
   Ellery Queen
   Film Noir
   Fu Manchu
   Mr. Moto
   Mr. Wong
   Old Dark House
   Philo Vance
   Sherlock H
   Sherlock Holmes
Rare and Out of Print
   Out of Print
   Bible Stories
   Jesus Christ
   Latter Day Saint
   New Testament
   Religious Experience
   Action Adventure
   East Side Kids
   Lost City
   Adolphe Menjou
   Al Hoxie
   Al Wilson
   Albert H. Kelley
   Albert S. Rogell
   Alexander Dovzhenko
   Alfred Hitchcock
   Anny Ondra
   Art Mix
   Babe Ruth
   Baby Peggy
   Beatrice Lillie
   Bebe Daniels
   Bela Lugosi
   Betty Blythe
   Blanche Sweet
   Bob Custer
   Boris Karloff
   Buster Keaton
   Carl Dreyer
   Carl Lamac
   Carol Dempster
   Charles Chaplin
   Charles Farrell
   Charles Hines
   Charlie Chaplin
   Claire Windsor
   Clara Bow
   Clara Kimaball Young
   Clara Kimball Young
   Claude Gillingwater
   Colleen Moore
   Conrad Veidt
   Constance Bennet
   Constance Talmadge
   Corrine Griffith
   D. W. Griffith
   Dorothy Gish
   Douglas Fairbanks Jr.
   Douglas Fairbanks Jr
   Douglas Fairbanks Sr.
   Edgar G. Ulmer
   Edgar G Ulmer
   Edmund Cobb
   Edwin S. Porter
   Elmer Clifton
   Elmo Lincoln
   Emil Jannings
   Erich von Stroheim
   Ernst Lubitsch
   Esther Ralston
   Evelyn Brent
   Fatty Arbuckle
   Francis X. Bushman
   Frank Griffin
   Fred Humes
   Fred Thomson
   Fritz Lang
   G. M. Anderson
   Gary Cooper
   George O'Brien
   Gilbert M. 'Broncho Billy' Anderson
   Gloria Swanson
   Grant Withers
   Greta Garbo
   Guinn ‘Big Boy’ Williams
   Hal Reid
   Harley Knoles
   Harold Lloyd
   Harry Carey
   Helen Holmes
   Helen Jerome Eddy
   Hoot Gibson
   J.P. McGowan
   J. B. Warner
   J. P. McGowan
   Jack Fairbanks
   Jack Hoxie
   Jack Perrin
   Jack Pickford
   Jackie Coogan
   James Cruz
   Janet Gaynor
   Jerome Storm
   Joe E. Brown
   John Barrymore
   Johnny Hines
   Junior Coghlan
   Ken Maynard
   Keystone Kops
   King Baggot
   King Vidor
   Laura LaPlante
   Lefty Flynn
   Lila Lee
   Lillian Gish
   Lionel Barrymore
   Lloyd Ingraham
   Lois Weber
   Lon Chaney
   Lon Chaney Jr.
   Lon Chaney Sr.
   Lon Chaney Sr
   Lou Bennison
   Louise Dresser
   Mabel Normand
   Mack Sennett
   Madge Bellamy
   Mae Marsh
   Malon Andrus
   Marie Dressler
   Marie Prevost
   Marlene Dietrich
   Mary Astor
   Mary Pickford
   Max Schmeling
   Nita Naldi
   Noah Beery Sr.
   Norma Talmadge
   Oliver Hardy
   Orin Johnson
   Oscar Micheaux
   Paul Sloane
   Pauline Fredrick
   Pearl White
   Pola Negri
   Ray Miland
   Raymond McKee
   Reed Howes
   Reginald Barker
   Reginald Denny
   Rene Clair
   Rex Ingram
   Richard Barthelmess
   Richard Talmadge
   Robert Frazer
   Rod La Rocque
   Ronald Coleman
   Ronald Colman
   Roscoe 'Fatty' Arbuckle
   Rudolph Valentino
   Sarah Bernhardt
   Sergei Eisenstein
   Sessue Hayakawa
   Sheldon Lewis
   Sidney Olcott
   Stepin Fetchit
   Stories of Oz
   Sydney Chaplin
   Theda Bara
   Thomas Meighan
   Tom Mix
   Tom Tyler
   Victor Adamson
   Vilma Banky
   W. C. Fields
   Wallace Beery
   Wallace Reid
   Wallace Worsley
   Walt Disney
   Walt Whitman
   Warner Baxter
   William A. Seiter
   William Bodine
   William Boyd
   William C. DeMille
   William Desmond
   William Farnum
   William Powell
   William Russell
   William S. Hart
   Winsor Z. McCay
   Yakima Canutt
   ZaSu Pitts
   Zasu Pitts
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   20th Century
   Corporate Films
   Martial Arts
   Pipe Organ
   Video Scrapbooks
   Women's History
   Special Interst
   20th Century Fox Hour
   26 Men
   Adventures of Champion
   Adventures of Dr. Fu Manchu
   Adventures of Jim Bowie
   Adventures of Kit Carson
   Adventures of Long John Silver
   Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet
   Adventures of Red Ryder
   Adventures of Rin Tin Tin
   Adventures of Robin Hood
   Adventures of Sherlock Holmes
   Adventures of Sir Lancelot
   Adventures of Wild Bill Hickok
   Adventures of the Scarlet Pimpernel
   Advenures of Kit Carson
   Alan Young Show
   Alfred Hitchcock Presents
   American Playhouse
   American Playhouse*Holidays
   Andy Griffith
   Andy Griffith Show
   Annie Oakley
   Armstrong Circle Theatre
   Arthur Freed's Hollywood Melody
   Assignment Mexico
   Bat Masterson
   Beach Patrol
   Bell Telephone Hour
   Ben Blue Show
   Best of Broadway
   Betty Hutton
   Betty Hutton Show
   Beulah Show
   Beverly Hillbillies
   Biff Baker U.S.A.
   Biff Baker USA
   Big Town
   Bigelow Theater
   Bing Crosby
   Bing Crosby Show
   Bob Cummings Show
   Bob Hope Chevy Show
   Bob Hope Presents the Chrysler Theatre
   Bobby Darin
   Bogus Green
   Bold Journey
   Boots and Saddles
   Boston Blackie
   Brave Eagle
   Brave Stallion
   Brown Family, Man’s Best Friend
   Buffalo Bill Jr.
   Bulldog Drummond
   Burns and Allen
   Burns and Allen Show
   Buster Keaton
   Captain Fathom
   Captain Gallant
   Captain Midnight
   Captian David Grief
   Catholic Hour
   Cavalcade of Stars
   Celanese Theatre
   Chevy Show
   Chicago 212
   Circle of Fear
   Cisco Kid, The*Western
   Cisco Kid
   City Detective
   Classic TV Double Feature
   Coca Cola Presents
   Colgate Comedy Hour
   Coronado 9
   Counter Spy
   Court of Last Resort
   Cowboy G-Men
   Daddy O
   Date with the Angels
   Dean Jones Show
   Dear Phoebe
   Death Valley Days
   Dennis Day Show
   Dick Tracy
   Dick Van Dyke Shoe
   Dinah Shore Chevy Show
   Do You Trust Your Wife
   Dobie Gillis
   Dr. Kate, Spitfire
   Duffy's Tavern
   Dusty's Trail
   Ed Sullivan Show
   Ed Wynn Show
   Ellery Queen
   Errol Flynn Theater
   Eve Arden Show
   Family Theatre
   Fast Guns
   Fat Man
   Female of the Species
   Files of Jeffrey Jones
   Flash Gordon
   Ford Star Jubilee
   Ford Theatre
   Four Star Playhouse
   Four Star Revue
   Francis Langford - Don Amcehe Show
   Frank Sinatra Show
   From the Files of Jeffrey Jones
   Front Row Center
   Frontier Doctor
   Gabby Hayes Show
   Game Shows
   General Electric Theatre
   Going My Way
   Gomer Pyle USMC
   Goodyear TV Playhouse
   Great Gildersleeve
   Green Acres
   Hank McCune
   Hawkeye and the Last of the Mohicans
   Heaven For Betsy
   Herald Playhouse
   Here Comes Tobor
   Here Comes the Stars
   Hollywood Half Hour
   Hollywood Off-Beat
   Hollywood Off-Beat)
   Hollywood Palace
   Howdy Doody
   Hudson's Bay
   I'm the Law
   I Married Joan
   Inside Danny Baker
   Into the Night
   It's a Great Life
   Jack Benny Show
   Jackie Gleason
   Jackson and Jill
   Jane Wyman Theatre)
   Jarvis Collection
   Jet Jackson
   Jim Backus Show
   Jimmy Durante
   Jo Stafford Show
   Joan of Arkansas
   Joe E. Brown Show
   Joe Palooka
   Judge Roy Bean
   Junior Science
   Kraft Television Theatre
   Lancelot Link Secret Chimp
   Lawrence Welk Show
   Let's Join Joanie
   Liberace Show
   Life With Luigi
   Life of Riley
   Life with Elizabeth
   Lights Out
   Little Amy
   Littlest Hobo
   Lock Up
   Lone Ranger
   Lone Wolf
   Love that Bob
   Lucy Show
   Lux Theatre
   Make Room for Daddy
   Man with a Camera
   Martin Kane
   Master Detectives
   Master Ninja
   Meet Corliss Arche
   Meet Corliss Archer
   Meet the O'Briens
   Michael Shayne
   Mickey Rooney Show
   Milton Berle
   Milton Berle Show
   Mr. Ed
   Mr. Peepers
   My Favorite Husband
   My Hero
   My Little Margie
   My Sister Eileen
   Mystery Theatre
   New Adventures of Charlie Chan
   O. K. Crackerby!
   One Happy Family
   One Step Beyond
   Operation ESP
   Orient Express
   Original Amateur Hour
   Our Miss Brooks
   Ozzie and Harriet
   Pantomime Quiz
   Partridge Family
   Passport to Danger
   People's Choice
   Person to Person
   Petticoat Junction
   Phil Silvers
   Piano Playhouse
   Pistols 'n' Petticoats
   Playhouse 90
   Police Call
   Police Station
   Professional Father
   Public Prosecutor
   Racket Squad
   Ramar of the Jungle
   Rat Patrol
   Red Ryder
   Red Skelton
   Red Skelton Show
   Richard Diamond
   Robert Montgomery Presents
   Rocky Jones
   Rocky King
   Rosemary Clooney
   Roy Acuff's Open House
   Roy Rogers
   Schlitz Playhouse
   Sea Divers
   Secret File USA
   Sergeant Preston of the Yukon
   Sheena, Queen of the Jungle
   Sheriff of Cochise
   Shotgun Slade
   Shower of Stars
   Soldiers of Fortune
   Space Angel
   Spike Jones
   Star Performance
   Star Trek
   Star and the Story
   Starr of the Yankees
   State Trooper
   Steve Allen Plymouth Show
   Steve Canyon
   Stoney Burke
   Stories of the Century
   Stork Club
   Studio One
   Stump the Stars
   Sunday Mystery Hour
   TV Reader's Digest
   TV Series Pilots
   Tab Hunter Show
   Tales from the Crypt
   Tales of Tomorrow
   Telephone Time
   Terry and the Pirates
   Texaco Star Theater
   Thin Man
   Third Man
   Time out for Ginger
   Treasury Men in Action
   Trouble with Father
   Wagon Train
   Wanted Dead or Alive
   Whistler, The
   White Avengers
   Wild Bill Hickok
   Winky Dink and You
   Wyatt Earp
   You Bet Your Life
   Your Hit Parade
   Your Show of Shows
   Civil War
   Cold War
   French Revolution
   Indian Wars
   Korean War
   Spanish Armada
   Spanish Revolution
   Viet Nam
   West Africa
   Al Hoxie
   Al St. John
   Al Wilson
   Alan Ladd
   Allan Lane
   Andy Devine
   Art Mix
   Ben Lyon
   Bill Cody
   Bob Baker
   Bob Custer
   Bob Steele
   Brad King
   Buck Coburn
   Buck Jones
   Buddy Roosevelt
   Buffalo Bill Jr.
   Buster Crabbe
   Charles Bronson
   Charles King
   Charles Starrett
   Chief Thundercloud
   Cisco Kid
   Clayton Moore
   Dale Evans
   Dave O'Brien
   Dave Sharpe
   David Sharpe
   David Worth
   Dennis Moore
   Dick Foran
   Dick Hatton
   Don 'Red' Barry
   Duncan Renaldo
   Eddie Dean
   Edmund Cobb
   Fred Kohler Jr.
   Fred Scott
   Fred Thomson
   G. M. Anderson
   Gabby Hayes
   Gene Austin
   Gene Autry
   George Hilton
   George Houston
   George O'Brien
   Guinn 'Big Boy' Williams
   Guy Madison
   Harey Carey
   Harry Carey
   Henry Fonda
   Herb Jeffries
   Hoot Gibson
   Hoote Gibson
   Hopalong Cassidy
   J.B. Warner
   Jack Fairbanks
   Jack Holie
   Jack Hoxie
   Jack Palance
   Jack Perrin
   Jack Randall
   James Newill
   Jim Davis
   Jock Mahoney
   John Barrymore Jr
   John Carpenter
   John King
   John Preston
   John Wayne
   Johnny Carpenter
   Johnny Mack Brown
   Kane Richmond
   Ken Maynard
   Kenneth Harlan
   Kent Taylor
   Kermit Maynard
   Lane Chandler
   Lash LaRue
   Lee Van Cleef
   Lenore Aubert
   Linda Stirling
   Lone Ranger
   Lou Bennison
   Louis Jordan
   Mantan Moreland
   Marlon Brando
   Max Terhune
   Paul Kelly
   Randolph Scott
   Range Busters
   Ray Corrigan
   Raymond Hatton
   Reb Russell
   Red Ryder
   Renfrew of the Mounted
   Rex Allen
   Rex Bell
   Rex Lease
   Richard Arlen
   Richard Dix
   Rin Tin Tin
   Robert Livingston
   Robert Mitchum
   Robert Taylor
   Rough Riders
   Roy Rogers
   Russell Hayden
   Slim Pickens
   Smiley Burnette
   Smith Ballew
   Sunset Carson
   Terence Hill
   Tex Ritter
   Texas Marshals
   Texas Rangers
   Three Mesquiteers
   Tim McCoy
   Tom Keene
   Tom Mix
   Tom Tyler
   Ty Hardin
   Victor Jory
   Wally Wales
   Walter Brennan
   Wild Bill Elliott
   William Boyd
   William Farnum
   William Russell
   William S. Hart
   Yakima Canutt
   Zane Grey
Yiddish Language
   Feature Films

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Claude Gillingwater Colleen Moore Conrad Veidt
Constance Bennet Constance Talmadge Corrine Griffith
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Adventures of Sherlock Holmes Adventures of Sir Lancelot Adventures of Wild Bill Hickok
Adventures of the Scarlet Pimpernel Advenures of Kit Carson Alan Young Show
Alarm Alfred Hitchcock Presents American Playhouse
American Playhouse*Holidays Andy Griffith Andy Griffith Show
Annie Oakley Archie Armstrong Circle Theatre
Arthur Freed's Hollywood Melody Assignment Mexico Bat Masterson
Beach Patrol Bell Telephone Hour Ben Blue Show
Best of Broadway Betty Hutton Betty Hutton Show
Beulah Show Beverly Hillbillies Biff Baker U.S.A.
Biff Baker USA Big Town Bigelow Theater
Bing Crosby Bing Crosby Show Bloopers
Bob Cummings Show Bob Hope Chevy Show Bob Hope Presents the Chrysler Theatre
Bobby Darin Bogus Green Bold Journey
Bonanza Boots and Saddles Boston Blackie
Brave Eagle Brave Stallion Brenner
Bronco Brown Family, Man’s Best Friend Buccaneers
Buckskin Buffalo Bill Jr. Bulldog Drummond
Burns and Allen Burns and Allen Show Buster Keaton
Captain Fathom Captain Gallant Captain Midnight
Captian David Grief Catholic Hour Cavalcade of Stars
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Chicago 212 Circle of Fear Cisco Kid, The*Western
Cisco Kid City Detective Classic TV Double Feature
Climax Coach Coca Cola Presents
Colgate Comedy Hour Collection Comedy
Comedy*Comedy Commercials Coronado 9
Counter Spy Counterpoint Court of Last Resort
Cowboy G-Men Crime Crossroads
Daddy O Dakotas Date with the Angels
Dean Jones Show Dear Phoebe Death Valley Days
Decoy Dennis Day Show Deputy
Dick Tracy Dick Van Dyke Shoe Dinah Shore Chevy Show
Directions Do You Trust Your Wife Dobie Gillis
Dr. Kate, Spitfire Dragnet Drama
Duffy's Tavern Dusty's Trail Ed Sullivan Show
Ed Wynn Show Ellery Queen Errol Flynn Theater
Eve Arden Show Family Family Theatre
Fast Guns Fat Man Feature
Female of the Species Files of Jeffrey Jones Flash Gordon
Ford Star Jubilee Ford Theatre Four Star Playhouse
Four Star Revue Francis Langford - Don Amcehe Show Frank Sinatra Show
From the Files of Jeffrey Jones Front Row Center Frontier Doctor
Fury Gabby Hayes Show Game Shows
Gangbusters General Electric Theatre Going My Way
Goldbergs Gomer Pyle USMC Goodyear TV Playhouse
Great Gildersleeve Green Acres Hank McCune
Hawkeye and the Last of the Mohicans Heaven For Betsy Herald Playhouse
Here Comes Tobor Here Comes the Stars Hollywood Half Hour
Hollywood Off-Beat Hollywood Off-Beat) Hollywood Palace
Howdy Doody Hudson's Bay Hunter
I'm the Law I Married Joan Inside Danny Baker
Into the Night It's a Great Life Ivanhoe
Jack Benny Show Jackie Gleason Jackson and Jill
Jane Wyman Theatre) Jarvis Collection Jet Jackson
Jim Backus Show Jimmy Durante Jo Stafford Show
Joan of Arkansas Joe E. Brown Show Joe Palooka
Judge Roy Bean Junior Science Justice
Kraft Television Theatre Lancelot Link Secret Chimp Lassie
Lawrence Welk Show Let's Join Joanie Liberace Show
Life With Luigi Life of Riley Life with Elizabeth
Lights Out Little Amy Littlest Hobo
Lock Up Lone Ranger Lone Wolf
Love that Bob Lucy Show Lux Theatre
Make Room for Daddy Mama Man with a Camera
Mannix Martin Kane Master Detectives
Master Ninja Medic Meet Corliss Arche
Meet Corliss Archer Meet the O'Briens Michael Shayne
Mickey Rooney Show Millionaire Milton Berle
Milton Berle Show Miscellaneous Mr. Ed
Mr. Peepers Munsters My Favorite Husband
My Hero My Little Margie My Sister Eileen
Mystery Theatre New Adventures of Charlie Chan O. K. Crackerby!
Omnibus One Happy Family One Step Beyond
Operation ESP Orient Express Original Amateur Hour
Our Miss Brooks Ozzie and Harriet Pantomime Quiz
Partridge Family Passport to Danger People's Choice
Person to Person Petticoat Junction Phil Silvers
Piano Playhouse Pistols 'n' Petticoats Playhouse 90
Playwrights Police Call Police Station
Professional Father Public Prosecutor Pursuaders
Racket Squad Ramar of the Jungle Rango
Rat Patrol Red Ryder Red Skelton
Red Skelton Show Richard Diamond Rifleman
Riverboat Robert Montgomery Presents Rocky Jones
Rocky King Rosemary Clooney Roy Acuff's Open House
Roy Rogers Ruggles Schlitz Playhouse
Sea Divers Secret File USA Sergeant Preston of the Yukon
Shadow Sheena, Queen of the Jungle Sheriff of Cochise
Shotgun Slade Shower of Stars Soldiers of Fortune
Space Angel Special Spike Jones
Star Performance Star Trek Star and the Story
Starr of the Yankees State Trooper Steve Allen Plymouth Show
Steve Canyon Stoney Burke Stories of the Century
Stork Club Studio One Stump the Stars
Sunday Mystery Hour Suspense Suspicion
TV Reader's Digest TV Series Pilots Tab Hunter Show
Tales from the Crypt Tales of Tomorrow Telephone Time
Terry and the Pirates Texaco Star Theater Thin Man
Third Man Time out for Ginger Topper
Treasury Men in Action Trouble with Father Twenty-One
Unsolved Variety Visitor
Wagon Train Wanted Dead or Alive War
Western Whistler, The White Avengers
Wild Bill Hickok Winky Dink and You Wyatt Earp
You Bet Your Life Your Hit Parade Your Show of Shows
Africa Civil War Cold War
Comedy Documentary Drama
Franco-Prussian French Revolution Indian Wars
Korean War Miscellaneous Orient
Roman Russia Spanish Armada
Spanish Revolution Television Viet Nam
WWI WWII West Africa
Al Hoxie Al St. John Al Wilson
Alan Ladd Allan Lane Andy Devine
Art Mix Ben Lyon Bill Cody
Bob Bob Baker Bob Custer
Bob Steele Bonanza Brad King
Buck Coburn Buck Jones Buddy Roosevelt
Buffalo Bill Jr. Buster Crabbe Charles Bronson
Charles King Charles Starrett Chief Thundercloud
Cisco Kid Clayton Moore Dale Evans
Dave O'Brien Dave Sharpe David Sharpe
David Worth Dennis Moore Dick Foran
Dick Hatton Don 'Red' Barry Duncan Renaldo
Eddie Dean Edmund Cobb Fred Kohler Jr.
Fred Scott Fred Thomson G. M. Anderson
Gabby Hayes Gene Austin Gene Autry
George Hilton George Houston George O'Brien
Guinn 'Big Boy' Williams Guy Madison Harey Carey
Harry Carey Henry Fonda Herb Jeffries
Hoot Gibson Hoote Gibson Hopalong Cassidy
J.B. Warner Jack Fairbanks Jack Holie
Jack Hoxie Jack Palance Jack Perrin
Jack Randall James Newill Jim Davis
Jock Mahoney John Barrymore Jr John Carpenter
John King John Preston John Wayne
Johnny Carpenter Johnny Mack Brown Kane Richmond
Ken Maynard Kenneth Harlan Kent Taylor
Kermit Maynard Lane Chandler Lash LaRue
Lassie Lee Van Cleef Lenore Aubert
Linda Stirling Lone Ranger Lou Bennison
Louis Jordan Mantan Moreland Marlon Brando
Max Terhune Miscellaneous Paul Kelly
Randolph Scott Range Busters Ray Corrigan
Raymond Hatton Reb Russell Red Ryder
Renfrew of the Mounted Rex Allen Rex Bell
Rex Lease Richard Arlen Richard Dix
Rin Tin Tin Robert Livingston Robert Mitchum
Robert Taylor Rough Riders Roy Rogers
Russell Hayden Silent Slim Pickens
Smiley Burnette Smith Ballew Spaghetti
Sunset Carson Television Terence Hill
Tex Ritter Texas Marshals Texas Rangers
Three Mesquiteers Tim McCoy Tom Keene
Tom Mix Tom Tyler Ty Hardin
Victor Jory Wally Wales Walter Brennan
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William Russell William S. Hart Yakima Canutt
Zane Grey Zorro
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