We've organized the information on our web site a little differently than others, so a couple hints may help!

You can get more info on just about any title in your search result.

DROP DOWN UNDER "PICK A FLICK":  First, if you're looking for a particular actor, director or decade, use the drop-down menu in search box under "Pick a Flick" on the left of the screen. 

ACTOR/DIRECTOR/DECADE:   If you limit the search to "Actor" or "Director," you will limit results to persons with the exact name you enter.  You will, however, get results for actors who direct or directors who act.

SEARCH ALL: If you use "Search All," you will probably get extra results. For instance, If you search on "John Wayne" using "Search All,"  you may get results for films that have both "John Smith" and "Wayne Jones" as well as John Wayne films. If you're searching for an actor who was billed under different names, try the most common name first and don't limit the search to "Actor."  We frequently have other names under which the person was billed in other areas that will return a result on "Search All," but won't if you limit the search to "Actor" or "Director."

MORE INFO FOR SEARCH RESULTS:  Just click on the title of the film (underlined in blue) in the search result or on the words  More Details on this Item (in red) in that film's search result. Either of these options takes you to a page containing details for that item.  For video tapes, you will get a page containing a larger image of the packaging, a full cast list (where available), the director(s) and a synopsis of the film.  If the item is a compilation, you'll get a list of the various titles contained in the tape.  If it's a collection, you'll get a list of titles, usually with synopses and additional information, on the titles in the collection.

OTHER ITEMS WE HAVE THAT FEATURE AN ACTOR OR DIRECTOR:   From the initial search results, you can click on a cast member or director to find out what other films we have in which that person appears or directs.  From the "More Info" page, you can click on any cast member or director to get a list of titles available on the site in which that person was involved.

DATE SEARCH:  You can enter any year in the search box under "Pick A Flick" and run a "Search All" search to get other titles available on the site from that year.  You can also click on the date after the title on the "More Info" page to get other films made in that year available on the site.

BOOLEAN SEARCH and MORE SEARCH OPTIONS:  Click on "refine your search" under the "Pick A Flick" search box or on "Search" on the left side of your screen in order to get the Boolean and other search options.

FUN DATE SEARCH: When we have it, we have entered the initial date of broadcast on many of the television titles.  You can enter the date (spell it out, such as November 1955 or November 10, 1955 or November 10, -- use the comma for specific dates), make sure you're in "Search All" mode, then click "Go" to run a search.  If we have something from that particular date, it will appear in the search results.