You can get more info on just about any title in your search result.

Just click on the title of the film (underlined in blue) in the search result or on the words  More Details on this Item (in red) in that film's search result.

Either of these options takes you to a page containing details for that item. 

For video tapes, you will get a page containing a larger image of the packaging, a full cast list (where available), the director(s) and a synopsis of the film.  If the item is a compilation, you'll get a list of the various titles contained in the tape.  If it's a collection, you'll get a list of titles, usually with synopses and additional information, on the titles in the collection.

You can then click on any cast member or director to find out what other films we have in which that person appears or directs.  You can also click on the date after the title on this page and get other films made in that year.