CBS Comedy Series

(CBS from October 1, 1962 to September 2, 1974)

Lucille Ball was a beautiful, leggy, and sometimes funny chorus girl in many films before she hit the TV screen. She had a long career with husband Desi Arnaz in the I LOVE LUCY series. After their split, she took on TV by herself, playing a divorced woman in The Lucy Show.  She and Gale Gordon were the only constants in THE LUCY SHOW, with the show seeing numerous cast and character changes. At one time both of her real life children played her children on the show. Her old friend Vivian Vance would occasionally show up for a visit from back east. Even huge stars that usually shunned TV would clamor to be on with Lucy. One thing is for certain, the show revolved around Lucy, and she delivered the laughs. The show ran from October 1, 1962 to September 2, 1974.

Executive Producer:      Desi Arnaz (1962-1964)

Producer:                          Elliot Lewis (1932-1964)
                                            Jack Donohue (1964-1974)